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Drillfield Night (or Drill Night)  is the 3rd level of the Slush Invaders Game. It take place a bit further than the previous level, Drillfield Day, except during the night.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Drillfield

The level begins with StAndrew launching Big Blue into the air. The player will have to face Blues, lamp posts and then Cobalts in NG+ Mode. The lamp posts will slow down Big Blue's momentum, increasing the level's difficulty.

Next Level: Lane

Late Night Beatdown

Night time has arrived and the group unfortunately find themselves trying to locate Big Blue through Drillfield after failing to catch up to him in time.

The group, however, are able to find Ben Stickobi and free him, thus adding the number of the group by one. Standrew has Ben, Matt and Stickyle all search the rest of the park while he, Stedro, Marcstick and Stickhanh head for Lane Stadium to see if Big Blue is there.

The group are then confronted by a group of Blues but are able to fend them all off and find Big Blue running and chase him. Catching up to him, however, another group of Blues appear, causing Big Blue to flee but Standrew is able to once again send him flying, this time into Lane Stadium. After beating down the Blues, Standrew has Stickhanh call the others as he, Stedro and Marcstick make way for Lane Stadium. Big Blue then flies in on the stadium itself and as Standrew and the two try to enter, a security guard halts them, stating that only students are allowed to enter.

Standrew tries to clarify the situation but the security guard refuses to let them in (even breaking the fourth wall in the process), causing Stedro to push him aside and the three enter immediately.




Bonus Objectives

  • Achieve a velocity of 300.
  • Reach the maximum lead kick charge.

Other Obstacles

  • Stationary lamp posts appear throughout the level that will break and slow down Big Blue's momentum upon contact.



  • This is the first level where environmental obstacles are present, in this case, lamp posts.
  • This level, along with the other Virginia Tech levels, was drawn during Halloween.
  • This level and Drillfield Day are the same place, just stretched really far and this one takes place at night whereas the other takes place during the day.
  • The level completion text is "Late Night Bus Bonus", and "Lane of Lights" during hard mode.
  • Ways to get high Velocity:
  • Cobalts usually appear at 35% of the level during NG+, but there is a chance that they will either appear during 10% or not appear at all, making this level quite easy during NG+.
  • This is the level where you can get 50% Off Coupon through the Bonus Objective.
  • In the map section, the level is named "Drill Night".


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