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Disturbed Star Sign
Disturbed Star Sign's Boss Portrait


Ice Frosted Forest

Abilities and Powers

Cosmic Energy, Nuclear Fusion


Watching Over Slushy Ice Frosting

Affiliated With

Ginger Stickmen, Possibly Moochin' Snowball.




See "Affiliated With"


Slush Tile Rush

The Disturbed Star Sign is one of the bosses that appear in Slush Tile Rush. It is encountered in the boss monument of the level, Slushy Ice Frosting, as a in-game determined boss.

Slush Tile Rush

The Disturbed Star Sign is first encountered at the top of the giant snowman where it acts as the in-game determined boss of Slushy Ice Frosting. If it does not appear as the boss, then it will be Moochin' Snowball that will take its place instead.

If it does appear, the Slush Fighters will encounter it at the very top of the giant snowman. It will then, for unknown reasons, attack the group but will also try communicating with them, shown in the form of symbols (displayed as simply stick figures). After the battle, it is unknown what happens to it.

Either the Slush Fighters had defeated it and vanished, ran away or had gotten destroyed. Afterwards, the group continues their long trek back to Slusher through Twilight Tundra.


The Disturbed Star Sign appears to be a curious constellation of only four stars. These stars make up its supposed abdomen and feet. Its assumed head is shaped like a pentagon and an arrow which slightly resembles an arm.

Battle Strategy

The Disturbed Star Sign isn't such a difficult boss to beat, as it has no block or dodge points. However, it takes small damage and creates tiles going only as long as 5 seconds.



"[]-<" - Optional, Game Determined Dialogue.


  • The Disturbed Star Sign is one of the bosses in the second game to not be a stick figure, the others being Moochin' SnowballMalwareKing CloudThe Skunk and Wicker Blue.
    • Although it could be classified as one due to its form, a star sign resembling a stick figure.
  • If the Disturbed Star Sign is not encountered as the boss of Slushy Ice Frosting, then Moochin' Snowball will take its place as the boss.
  • If observed closely, the Star Sign has the same number of the constellation of Aries. Whether this was intentional or merely a coincidence is up to debate.

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