Digital BigBlue (referred to in the game as Digi BigBlue) is one of the bosses that appear in Slush Tile Rush.

Slush Tile Rush

The Digital Mastermind:

After being mysteriously transported inside one of their phones, the Slush Fighters fight their way to reach what seems to be a Wi-Fi antenna. Reaching the top, they encounter someone that looks oddly similar to a former enemy they once fought and saved. Digital BigBlue appears to the group and announces his plot to take over their Slush Phone in order to dominate it with his Virus Invaders (parodying the first movie).

Using his virus-based powers, which seem to give him the ability to clone himself, Digital BigBlue challenges the group to a battle. Despite proving to be a very powerful and relentless opponent (compared to the original Big Blue), Digital BigBlue is eventually defeated by the group, leading to the fighters finally being able to escape from their phone and being teleported on Drillfield, just a mile away from home.

Battle Strategy

Digi BigBlue blocks all attacks below 20 damage, so the player has to stock tiles against him. Digi BigBlue is quite easy to defeat, despite being one of the most annoying bosses due to his blocking abilities and the large amount of time it takes for a single tile of his to disappear. It is possible, however, to defeat this boss with a wild strike with Marcstick and/or a full Release the Spawnahawks! by Stick Luke.


"This ENTIRE mobile-friendly world will be MINE!" - Optional Game-determined dialogue.

"My Slush-App Invaders will CONQUER this phone!" - Optional Game-determined dialogue.



  • He mostly speaks in "digital" based words, often making puns using computer-based words used on a computer.
  • The way he attacks the player is quite similar to how he attacked the Slush Fighters who ganged up on him at the start of the first game's intro, albeit, in the first game's intro, it was the signal to begin to ambush whereas in the second game, it simply adds a Digi BigBlue tile onto the player's board.
  • Digital BigBlue, along with Ultimate Uno, holds the record for the longest lasting tile.
  • It is possible to defeat this boss in one hit using Stick Luke.
  • Digital BigBlue has been voted on by the community as the hardest boss in Slush Tile Rush.
  • It is possible that Digi BigBlue might be Big Blue's sub-consciousness.

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