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Data Wall
is the 17th level of the Slush Invaders Game, taking place after Bitland, inside the Blue Pokeball. The level actually has three different sections, all resembling calculator-like themes. The goal is to keep the decoy Big Blue in the air.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Bitland

In this level, the Slush Fighters must work together to transport a decoy Big Blue from the first part of the level to the other. After StAndrew kicks a fake, materialising Big Blue into the air, several glitches, along with groups of Blues will occur. When the Slush Fighters and the Big Blue impostor enter the next third of the level, a group of Cobalts and Drabs will lay siege to your team. The final part of the level is filled with various codes of the Pokeball's programming.

Next Level: Moon Prison

Invading the Invader's Data Wall

A moment after the Slush Fighters defeat the Blue Bits, StAndrew notices a green figure which highly resembles Big Blue, standing as still as a scarecrow. He runs up to the decoy Big Blue and kicks it high into the air before he sends his Slush Fighters after it.

As they chase the airborne figure, Blues begin assaulting them once more. The Slushers get hit by these snake-shaped codes which slow them down. When they go further into the level, Cobalts and Azures appear to defend the Big Blue impostor. Despite this, StAndrew and his mighty team perseveres and travels even further into a matrix-like area filled with light green codes. Soon they manage to find Stick Luke trapped in several binary codes, free him and escape the heavy confinements of the Blue Pokéball once and for all.




Bonus Objectives

  • Use no Ultra Attacks.
  • Reach a score of at least 200,000.

​​​Other Obstacles

  • In the first phase of the level, pixelated "Snakes" will scroll across the screen at all heights. Coming into contact with them will cause knockback.



  • There is a glitch that causes the enemies to assume their true color if you stun them.
  • The first phase of the level mimics a TI-83 calculator, and lists a number of functions at the bottom of the screen including 'WINDOW', 'ZOOM', 'GRAPH', and 'SLUSH'.
  • It's unclear why the Slush Defenders had to beat up a fake Big Blue to escape the pokeball.
  • The colors of the Slush Invaders and Slush Fighters are a different color.
  • This is the level with the most numbers in the game.
  • This is the only level to actually have numbers.
  • There are 3 "parts" to the stage, still one stage, though. Just 3 different backgrounds to the level. 
  • The level completion text is "No Calculators".
  • There are a number of hidden messages in the background of the third phase:
    • "play Slush Invaders 2"
    • "view readme"
    • "config"
    • ASCII art of bowing stickmen (orz)
    • edit more
    • <3MLPONY88
  • In the third background you can see only the number 8 while the binary codes are one's and zero's.


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