The Combo Cookbook is a series of pages found in the help section of the game. Each individual page is purchased form the NG+ store at 80,000 points per page. Essentially, it contains a series of combos and intresting squad alignments to aid in the gameplay of harder levels.


Page one

Cookbook Page 1

Page One

The 1st Page of Cookbook Recipe includes:

Page Two

Cookbook Page 2

Page Two

The 2nd Page of Cookbook Recipe includes:

Page Three

Cookbook Page 3

Page Three

The 3rd Page of Cookbook Recipe includes:

  • Combo Builder
  • Fast Wipeout
  • Spamikaze
  • Critical Combo
    • Stucker [Blade Flurry]
    • Stick JK [Stopping Power]
    • Recipe Note : Stick JK's abillity to instantly cut down 60% of an enemy's health allows Stucker's Ultra Attack to quickly finish off weak enemies.
  • Line Rider (During Boss Fights)
    • Stick Michael
    • Standrew
    • Recipe Note : Stick Michael can be used to draw platforms on which Standrew may jump on temporary.


  • Keep in mind that the Combo Cookbook is not the final say on the best strategy to use to play the game. Many other combos and combinations exist, so creativity is the key to truly owning NG+ mode.
  • Sticorey is an elite ingredient in the cookbook due to his ability to shield other fighters.
  • Westick was accidentaly called "Stick Wes".
    • This is also happens with the other fighters, such as Marcstick being named "Stick Marc", Sthang being named "Stick Hang" and BriStick being named "Stick Brian".

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