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Have you ran out of challenges (or known as bonus objectives)?

Then get your idea here! Make your own challenges! My(ZedEX-FedEX~) challenge would be like :

  1. Overkill a Cobalt with Stickwart (Score > 20000) (Moon Prison)
  2. Get (Score < 1000) with Stickwart without any chainshot (Moon Prison)
  3. Get at least 350000 Score with JUST Stickwart on Moon Prison (Overkill Training)
  4. Get at least 7 Tomahawks. (Randomly happens to me someday)
  5. Beat Tundra(NG+) with This Team = JK - Khanh - Tucker - Corey - Hang - Brian - Josh :_; Needs luck
  6. Beat a level WITHOUT Sthang dying (you may not use Sticorey in your combonation!)

>Bonus = 300 Velocity

  1. Beat a boss using only Standrew

That's all from me... for some moment > Chainshot spam

Yo Sthomas Here! Are the regular challenges too easy? Try some of mine! They're over-the-top hard!

  1. Beat Ether Lord on NG++ without Sticorey AND play Club Penguin and/or SSBB (For the Wii) at the same time!
  2. Tackle Blue Base with only Stedro on ur team!
  3. Complete Luna with absolutely no ultra attacks OR combos! Even a mere 2 combo will force you to restart this challenge.
  4. Lose on level Slusher with a full team including Sthomas. (You HAVE to frequently call your fighters out to complete this challenge.Told ya it was hard)
  5. Unlock Samus in the game.
  6. Beat Ether Lord on NG++ while listening to this.
  7. Break 0 trees in Autumnus but you HAVE to launch Big Blue with StAndrew very hard and every ten seconds call out your fighters.
  8. Find out if #5 was actually possible.

I have some challenges that are kind of lame, but just hope for the best. -Austin

  1. Summon at least 6 ultra attacks on Luna on NG+ (don't really know if it's hard...)
  2. I don't know if this is possible, but try making StAndrew take no damage from Either Lord with any team you want.
  3. Try to beat Slusher on NG+ with Sticorey, StWaquas, and BriStick

Binary10101ERROR Challenges

  1. Beat the entire game (normal and NG+) without upgrading a single character
  2. Beat a boss using only Standrew
  3. Beat a boss using only Stickyle
  4. Beat a level without filling up the ultrabar (early levels do not count)
  5. Break every ginger bread man in the game
  6. Break no ginger bread men in the game
  7. Kill an enemy using Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD .

The Fan of Wiki (TFOW) here! Here are two objectives (hope you enjoy, I will add objective if I discover something impossible to achieve.):

  1. Use all automated fighters (with limited health) without using Sthang, Sticorey or any fighters in Final Battle with Big Boi Prime.
  2. Try not to use "Ultra attack" in NG+ and NG++ mode.

Whadup! RMD444 with some (almost) impossible challenges!

  1. Beat level Slusher with only auto fighters!
  2. Be lucky and try let Big Blue get hit by at least 3 tomahawks using tornadohawk....Too easy!
  3. In NG++ Mode on Autumnus try smashing the LAST TREE when the level ends!
  4. Launch big blue to the sky very fast WITH the minimum of StAndrews kick power.
  5. Choose an auto-fighter, put Sthomas with FIST O FURY>auto-fighter and try winning Data Wall without gaining 1 Ultrabar
  6. Go inside your closet, put your comp about 2ft from wear you are, grab some sticks an try winning Moon prison with'em!
  7. Make a 100 000 combo!
  8. Random Challenge kill a cobalt while having an extreme 1975 combo!

Hey There! It's SC here and here are my nearly impossible challenges!

  1. 4 color theorem: Use 4 different ultras under 20 secs, without Staddison's hardline.
  2. ROY G BIV: Beat Blue base NG+ with Sthang, Stickyle, Stedro, Ben Stickobi/Staddison, Steric and Stick Sean
  3. Back to start: Beat and NG++ With Only Stedro, Marcstick, Stickhanh, Stick Matt, Stickyle, Ben Stickobi. And only one ultra allowed.
  4. Countless Strike: Use Stucker's ultra and hit 100 enemies at once. (No Blue-bits)
  5. Mirrored Night: Beat an azure and cobalt using Stickirby and Sticorey only. (In other words, beat Drillfield Night NG+ with only these two)
  6. Last Mortal Survivor: Beat Robo Hookie with only 1 fighter, but only limited health fighters and no Sthang and Sticorey.
  7. Bluish Counterparts: Beat any level after Bluish Fighters NG+ without Sthomas, Steric or Stomar.
  8. Bluish Counter parts Advanced: Beat Bluish Fighters NG+ with the "5-7 fighter glitch", then beat any level after that without Stick Sean, Stickirby, Stick Jorge, Stick Waqas, BriStick, Stickwart, Stedro, Sthomas, Steric and Stomar.

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