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Boss levels are basically the levels for the 4 bosses in the Slush Invaders: Game.


  • All of them can use some kind of fire or laser attack, except for Blomar.
  • The Bluish Fighters are the only boss who are stick men, the rest being a robot or undead thing.
  • The Ether Lord is the only boss that is not a minion of Big Blue.
  • Bleric is the only boss with a gun.
  • Each boss has their own different location.
  • BigBoi Prime is the only boss whose location is off the Earth.
  • Robo Hokie, Ether lord and Blomar are the only bosses with sword like weapons.
  • Blhomas is the only combo master who is a boss.
  • Every boss except The Robo Hokie, Blomar, and BigBoi Prime, can use an Ultra Attack.
  • Technically, there are 6 bosses, if you count every individual as a boss.

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