Bonus Objectives are special tasks in the Slush Invaders Game. Most of the bonus objectives contain the last upgrade of most Slush Fighters while others contain Slush Tokens, but Drill Night has a 50% off coupon for any upgrade instead. All bonus objectives can be found on the world map.

Stage 1

This is a list of Bonus Objectives on the first stage of the game.

Slusher Bonus Objective:

  • Beat the Level in 90 seconds (a minute and a half)
  • Have only 1 fighter in your team

Drillfield Bonus Objective:

Drill Night Bonus Objective:

  • Achieve a Velocity of 300
  • Reach the maximum lead kick charge

Lane Bonus Objective:

  • Send Big Blue higher than the visible sky
  • Don't take any damage from the football team

Robo Hokie Bonus Objective:

Stage 2

This is a list of Bonus Objectives on the second stage of the game.

Mornin' Bonus Objective:

Lake Bonus Objective:

Autumnus Bonus Objective:

Haunted Turf Bonus Objective:

  • Beat the level in 90 seconds (a minute and a half)
  • Earn at least 20,000 points

Ether Lord Bonus Objective:

  • Defeat Ether Lord in 120 seconds (two minutes)
    • Reward: 1 Slush Token

Stage 3

This is a list of Bonus Objectives in the third stage of the game

Tundra Bonus Objective:

White Out Bonus Objective:

Slushy Ice Frosting Bonus Objective:

  • Hit a Velocity of 300
  • Reach a 25x Combo
    • Reward: 1 Slush Token

Galaxyrise Bonus Objective:

  • Send Big Blue higher than the visible sky
  • Defeat at least 4 Azures

Bluish Fighters Bonus Objective:

Stage 4

This is a list of Bonus Objectives in the last stage of the game.

Bitland Bonus Objective:

  • Beat the level in 80 seconds (a minute and 20 seconds)

Data Wall Bonus Objective:

  • Use no Ultra Attacks
  • Reach a score of 200,000 points
    • Reward: 1 Slush Token

Moon Prison Bonus Objective:

  • Beat the level in 120 seconds (two minutes)

Blue Base Bonus Objective:

  • Reach a combo of 50
  • Defeat 20 enemies

Luna Bonus Objective:

BigBoi Prime Bonus Objective:

  • No Bonus Objective


  • Note that Slush Fighters with ultra attacks for their last upgrade will not benefit from bonus objectives. In other words, you cannot unlock the Ultra Attack like this.
    • However, some Bonus Objectives give out Slush Tokens which are used to buy Ultra Attacks.
  • Drill Night is the only level where the reward is not an upgrade or a Slush Token.
  • The player can actually accomplish Drillfield's bonus objective on their first time in it. This can be easily done by not having Stick Matt be included in the team on the newly acquired 4th Team Slot and to only use their starting fighters so far (Stedro, Stickhanh and Marcstick) to finish the entire level.
  • BigBoi Prime is the only boss in the entire game to not have a Bonus Objective, likely due to being the final boss of the game. Though it can inferred from his status as the last level and final boss that the bonus objective itself is to simply defeat him and the reward is the ending sequence of the game.
    • It can also be additonally said that in NG+ Mode that completing the game and defeating him a second time unlocks the secret epilogue.
  • Lake, Bitland, Moon Prison, Blue Base and Luna's Bonus Objectives are the only ones in the game that can not be unlocked unless the fighter in which the unlockable upgrades correspond to are unlocked themselves. In this case, playing NG+ mode.
    • Surprisingly enough, the order of the Bonus Objectives also fall in order of how the Slush Fighters in NG+ mode are unlocked.

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