The Bluish Fighters are the Blue versions of Stomar, Steric, and Sthomas. They are encountered as the bosses of the 15th level in the game.The Bluish Fighters will all aim for Standrew and possess the same abilities as their basic, normal counterparts. In order to defeat them, the player needs to repeatedly attack any of the members until their shared health bar completely runs out.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Galaxyrise

The Bluish Fighters act as the boss of Stage 3 and the third overall boss in the game. Upon being poured on with a mysterious blue paint can, Sthomas, Steric and Stomar are left by Big Blue and his cronies giving Standrew and his team a chance to save them. But are immediately attacked by the now corrupted trio.

Upon beating this boss level, the player will unlock Steric, Sthomas and Stomar. The player will unlock BriStick upon beating this level on NG+ Mode.

Next Level: Bitland

Slush Fighters no More!?

When the Slush Fighters manage to surpass the Azures and rescue Stick James from captivity, they find Stomar, Steric and Sthomas trapped in a single cage in the middle of Galaxyrise. As Big Blue approaches the cage, he douses the trio in Blue Paint, a chemical used by the Slush Invaders to convert normal stickmen into Blues. He then rushes off, laughing all of his worries off.

However, little did Standrew and his team know that the paint was capable of massive, fatal changes to any stick figure. So the moment Standrew gets to the cage and frees their trapped comrades, they retaliate fiercely, signalling their now hostile behaviour toward the Slushers. Standrew then makes his own signal toward his team, commanding them to fight their corrupted allies all in order to cure them.

Here comes the Bluish Fighters!!

As the Slush Fighters engage upon the evil counterparts of their friends, they attack back, mainly at Standrew, as he is the leader of the Slushers. Sthomas rushes toward Standrew, delivering multiple attacks toward him, Steric snipes through the entire team with his sniper rifle and Stomar slashes and dashes his way through the ground fighters.

When the Slush Fighters find out how to sink their health bar to a particular level, Steric suddenly uses his Ultra Attack, jumping into the air and indicating the Slush Fighters that they should get to cover before they end up getting sniped from above. When the 4 fateful but inaccurate shots are placed, the Slush Fighters continue to damage the Bluish Fighters but not long enough to completely defeat/cure them as Sthomas suddenly leaps into the air and performs his own Ultra Attack on Standrew; a barrage of kicks, pummels, sword slashes and a laser beam as a final touch.

The Slush Fighters finish off what is left of the Bluish Fighters' fighting energy and strip the Blue Paint off of them, transferring them back to their regular but baffled selves.




  • Always targets Standrew.
  • Cannot use Quickscope.
  • Shots dodgeable by constantly jumping.
  • Uses Ultra when Bluish Fighters' health is low.
  • Ultra does low damage and misses often.
  • Does not allow Slush Fighters to attack while preforming Ultra attack.


  • Always targets Standrew.
  • Does not have Run Away!
  • Uses Ultra on Standrew when Bluish Fighters' health is critically low.
  • Ultra does very low damage.
  • Does not allow Slush Fighters to attack while preforming Ultra Attack.

Bonus Objective

  • Use at least 2 Ultra attacks (wait until AFTER the battle to attempt this, since you'll have three levels to spend instead of two).



Run! made by Waterflame.


One important thing to note is that there are three different fighters whom you must attack or avoid, making defeating the stage rather annoying. Also, the Bluish Fighters share one health bar, so you can repeatedly attack one of the three and still win, despite not managing to hit the others. Below are some tips for each individual Bluish Fighter:


Unless you have extremely good timing, don't attack him with a fighter or Standrew, since he's invincible while performing combos. However, Stedro's blaster attack has the chance to stun him if you attack prior to his combo, making Stedro rather important in anti-Blomar defense. You can also use Sthang, an invincible fighter, or Sticorey to block him off, or Ben Stickobi's Saber Toss to stop Blomar from attacking, or use Stickwart to block him off. It's also possible to completely ignore Blomar by jumping over him. No combo is started, and he will just run off the screen.


Bleric is unable to perform Quickscope, meaning that you'll have plenty of time to avoid his shots. However, that doesn't mean he still won't be able to hurt you. Don't try to hide behind Sticorey: Bleric's shots go though multiple fighters. Jumping constantly decreases Bleric's chance of scoring a direct hit. He also can't attack Slush Fighters unless they get in his firing range, so using a fighter with a fast initial attack like Ben Stickobi with his Saber Toss upgrade will stop him quick. When the Bluish Fighters' health is low, Bleric will use Snipe 1440. However, the shots will deal low damage and will often miss Standrew.


Blhomas will always target Standrew, and as a result, will almost always land a hit on him. He doesn't do a lot of damage, however, and with the high probability that Standrew will be at the far left of the screen, using Stomar can deal lots of unavoidable damage to the Bluish Fighters. As the same with Steric, fast initial attackers are the key to getting Blhomas off Standrew quick, though any fighter can just about do with Blhomas. Alternatively, players can just let Standrew attack Blhomas directly. When the Bluish Fighters' health gets very low, Blhomas will perform Super Ultimate Turbo Fighter 4 HD. The Ultra does very little damage to Standrew, if not, no damage at all. However, it does allow your fighters to recharge fully with the amount of time taken to finish it, and as such, can be seen as a good thing rather than bad.



  • The level completion text is "Brown, Black, and Blue".
    • The level completion text accurately refers to Stomar (Brown), Sthomas (Black) and Steric (Blue).
  • This stage is the only stage where Standrew's landed attacks adds your score.
  • This stage is the only level where you can unlock more than one Slush Fighter.
  • The Bluish Fighters are really weak against Stickwart, as if the player knows how to handle him well, he alone can take on the Bluish Fighters.
  • If you want some action challenges, try finishing this with just Stickhanh on your team, but make sure you have a lot of time as it will take a ridiculously long time to finish.
  • BigBoi Prime and the Bluish Fighters technically are the only bosses to appear in the movie and game.
  • If you're really up for a team brawl, then use Slush Fighters who run on the screen. It is suggested that you use Stickhanh, Stucker, Sticorey, Stick JK, Joshtick, Stick Luke and Stick Waqas, so then the battle will be an 8 on 3 battle including Standrew. To make Stick Luke run, click his icon (if you have trouble with Luke and Standrew's attacks, then press the Space Bar for Standrew's alternate attack button).
  • The Bluish Fighter's names are Blhomas (Sthomas), Blomar (Stomar) and Bleric (Steric).
  • When Bleric's Ultra Attack is used and in the area preview for the Bluish Fighters, his gun is not blue. In all other times when he is a Bluish Fighter his gun blends in with himself.
  • Without a hurt animation, Blomar has the quickest retreat in the game.
  • Stick Dan is very effective in taking out the Bluish Fighters, however, due to his delay animation before attacking, it is not always recommended for him to go alone against them.
  • Sthomas's cape makes the round end of the area logo.
  • Despite there being three Bluish Fighters, all of them share one health bar.
  • Because of the way the game is designed, it's possible to have Sthomas, Steric, and Stomar staring at themselves during the cutscene, which could be hilarious.
  • If any of the Bluish Fighters are hit by Joshtick's bombs (his C4 included), they will turn back to their original colors, but will change back to blue when they leave the screen and come back.
    • Very rarely, this is not the case as they if they are hit by his bombs and revert back to their original colors, they will remain as such for the remainder of them until both Bleric and Blhomas perform their respective Ultra Attacks.
  • When Bleric uses his Ultra, due to a rare glitch, he turns back into his original color until he leaves the screen. 
  • Bleric's and Blhomas's Ultra attack still contains the same background that you see when they perform it as a Slush Fighter. Strangely, Blomar never performs his Ultra Attack.
    • It is unknown why Blomar is the only one who does not perform an Ultra Attack despite all three having one, though it can be implied due to the fact that "Omega Tempest" (Stomar's regular Ultra Attack) locks his target in a specific location and deals a lot of damage upon impact, which would likely heavily deplete Standrew's health and make beating the Bluish Fighters nearly impossible, especially in NG+ Mode.
  • The Bluish Fighters are the ONLY bosses with the word "blue" (almost) in the name.
  • Their is a minor error in where Blhomas will rapidly and continually slash Standrew with his Sword when he does his Ultra.
  • The Bluish Fighters are the only bosses from the first game to include an evil version of the Slush Fighters.
  • Sthomas' Ultra Attack packs massive damage at Big Blue but low damage when he tries it on you as a Bluish Fighter, possibly to ensure that the player does not end up losing immediately due to how ridiculously long his Ultra Attack is.

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