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Blue Two is one of the new enemies that appear in Slush Tile Rush. He is the second tutorial enemy, right after Blue Uno.

Slush Tile Rush

Blue Two briefly appears after Blue Uno, challenging them. At first, he assaults them with a massive attack which almost completely knocks out the Slush Fighters. Nevertheless, they defeat Blue Two.

Battle Strategy

Blue Two is as easy, if not easier, to beat than Blue Uno. At first, he will attack you with a massive blotch of tiles covering the screen. Afterward, it is completely impossible to lose to this enemy. No strategy is needed here.


"You beat Blue Uno?!"



  • Unless the player restarts the game, Blue Two is the only specific enemy to never make an appearance outside the tutorial phase.
  • Blue Two's relationship with Blue Uno is up for debate, but it is almost certain that they know each other. Blue Two either admires Blue Uno, despite being tougher than he is, or could be a friend or even a relative. If the latter is the case, then that may be the reason Blue Uno had enough courage to challenge the fighters twice after.


[To be Added...]

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