The only way we know so far that blue paint can be removed.

Blue Paint is - in essence - blue paint. However, unlike its basic, commonly used counterpart, this blue paint is harder to wash off than other paints, difficult to paint with, can only be specially ordered from the Moon, is more expensive to produce, and (most importantly) can convert virtually any stick into a minion of Big Blue.

Role in Game

The physical blue paint is only seen in two different cutscenes: the end of the Bluish Fighters and after the
Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 7.03.05 AM

Proof that blue paint was made in Luna.

fighters infiltrate the Blue Base. In the cutscene preceding the boss battle with Sthomas, Steric, and Stomar, Big Blue dumped a bucket of paint onto the defenseless trio, apparently only turning them blue. However, when Standrew frees them, they respond violently and attempt to smash him to bits, showing the corruptive power and the process where Blues are created for the first time. The second instance is when the defenders infiltrate the Blue Base and watch the harrowing process where innocent sticks are mass-converted via a paint machine.


Blue Paint

A bucket of Blue Paint.

Despite the paint's power, it appears to only be an external coating on the victim's skin. Because of this, a sufficient (and painful) amount of force applied to the victim is usually enough to free them, as seen when the Bluish Fighters are defeated and Big Blue's paint flies off after Standrew punches him hard enough.

Effects on Victims

Blue paint can cause a variety of effects on its victims, including:

  • A desire to spread more blue paint onto other things or people
  • Strict loyalty to Big Blue, although they keep their original personalities
  • Hand-to-hand combat abilities (?)
  • In the case of Azures, force field magic

Blue Paint can also bring an inanimate object to life (a prime example being the Wicker Blue).


It appears that blue paint can corrupt the victim, transforming him or her into a shell of his/her former self. When left untreated for too long a time, transform one's body. These transformations include, but may not be limited to vine-like patterns on skin, hunched back, big, white, glowing eyes, no mouth, crossed legs, a tail, or strange/slurred speech like Moon-Bleached Blunatic. A stickman left untreated for a very long time will be driven insane by this corruption.


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