You're Late...
— Blue Fairy

Blue Fairy is one of the boss characters in Slush Tile Rush.

He is, as his name suggests, a Blue Fairy who seems to reside within the clouds of the Cloud Kingdom and acts as an in-game determinated boss that appears at the end of Rose-Tinted Woods.

Slush Tile Rush

The Blue Fairy is encountered at the end of the Rose-Tinted Woods, above the Infi-Ladder where the entire group faces him in the Cloud Kingdom.



  • They are one of the outlandish versions of the Blues.
  • The Blue Fairy's design is a parody as to what the child fiction character, the Tooth Fairy, looks like.
  • In the game, Blue Fairies are just labeled "Fairy."
  • When encountered, Blue Fairies often gripe about the slush fighters being late.
  • They seem very depressed, maybe due to the reason that they are male fairies.
  • The patterns on the top areas on their wings appear to resemble a bubbling beaker.
  • They share their boss music with Wicker Blue, Moochin' Snowball, and Moon-Bleached Blunatic.

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