Blue Base is the 19th level in the game and gives you a taste of what NG+ Mode is like (on regular mode), due to its abundance of enemies and difficulty.

Slush Invaders: Game

Previous Level: Moon Prison

This level begins with Standrew kicking Big Blue back into the air and attacking him with your Slush Fighters. However, a huge amount of enemies will arrive to assault your Slush Fighters, and to protect Big Blue. Whenever a green signal appears, Drabs will descend and fire upon your fighters. The gravity in the level will change too, manipulating how high or low Big Blue flies. As soon as the level is accomplished, the player will rescue Stick Sean from captivity and send Big Blue out of the base on the surface of the very moon.

Next Level: Luna

The Base of the Invaders

Once the Slush Fighters manage to eliminate the mass of Cobalts and Drabs directed at them by Big Blue, they suddenly see something: horrific, captive stickmen being shoved inside a massive paint machine and being converted into Blues. Soon they spot Big Blue, who summons more guards to his aid once he catches sight of them. Standrew, refusing to waste anymore trivialities, kicks Big Blue back into the air and sends his fighters onto him.

Continuing the Assault

As Big Blue soars through the air, the Slush Fighters attacking him are assaulted by Blues who notice what is going on and are determined to keep their leader in one piece.

The Slush Defenders hear a signal, and realize Drabs are descending to protect their leader at all costs. More and more enemies appear over time, increasing the difficulty of chasing Big Blue. Cobalts, Toasters and Azures then begin to come out to aid their allies against the group. Despite this, the Slush Fighters manage to transport Big Blue to the other side of the base, re-recruit Stick Sean, and continue to chase Big Blue out of the base; right onto the surface of the moon.




Bonus Objectives

  • Reach a combo of 50.
  • Defeat 20 enemies.

Other Obstacles

  • The gravity will occasionally change, making Big Blue fly higher or lower.



  • This stage proves that there are more than the 90 Blues and 90 Drabs accounted for in the movie.
  • In the background, you can see there are a large numbers of Blues just standing there. It's not known why they are just standing there and watching their boss getting his butt kicked by the Slush Fighters.
  • This stage is the stage with the most background characters in the entire game.


  • Make sure that you knock out as many enemies as you can, or else they will outnumber and ultimately overwhelm your entire team.
  • Use Sthomas's Ultra Attack to get a 45 combo and then send in 5 more Slush Fighters to get to a 50 combo to complete half of the Bonus Objective for this level.
  • Stucker's Blade Flurry could be used to damage multiple enemies in this level.


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