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Blhomas is one of the members of the Bluish Fighters and is Sthomas's evil blue counterpart and one of the bosses in Slush Invaders: Game.

Slush Invaders: Game

Blhomas turns out to be the second most frequent Bluish Fighter that enables an Ultra Attack.

The Bluish Fighters

[To be Added...]


  • Sthomas's cape makes the round end of the planet logo.
  • Blhomas uses a blue sword, and not his regular one or a mace.
  • There's a minor error where Blhomas rapidly and continuously slashes StAndrew with his Sword when he does his Ultra. Check this clip out. 
  • Sthomas' ultra attack packs up a massive damage at Big Blue, but low damage when he tries it on you as a Bluish Fighter.

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