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Sorry. Are you looking for the upgrade with the same name? We apologize for the confusion.

The Blaster, not to be confused with the upgrade, is one of Stedro's prime weapons in the movie and the game. It is based off of Fox's weapon from Star Fox. It did not appear in Slush Tile Rush for unknown reasons.

Slush Invaders (movie)

The blaster was first seen at the start of the animation where Stedro was blasting multiple blues with it. Stedro suddenly ceased to use it, and it was not seen again.

Slush Invaders: Game

The Blaster is unlocked through the upgrade, Blaster, as an input attack. Whenever the player calls in Stedro, he/she could click on his icon a few more times to use the blaster before Stedro performs his melee attack. However, the blaster doesn't actually damage enemies, it stuns them for a while unlike the original animation.

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