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Blade Flurry is the Ultra Attack of Stucker (bought for one token and activated with one level). With Blade Furry activated, Stucker will toss multiple blades/both of his blades that hit all enemies on screen. It takes one Slush Token to unlock and one Ultra bar to activate.

In Slush Tile Rush, his Ultra is still called Blade Flurry. It inflicts 15 Damage.


  • As stated above, this Ultra Attack has an AOE (Area of Effect) type. The same goes with Sticksaber, Star Storm, Omega Tempest and Snipe 1440. Mass Alert can be counted if the player were to constantly change the targets so each of the called out fighters can attack different enemies while Tornadohawk and Launch Day are excluded due to the former randomly and mostly misses and the latter needing to be triggered before hitting its target(s).
  • Hitting above more than a few enemies on screen when this Ultra Attack is activated in the first game will give the player additional Points and the "Blade Flurry" message.
  • Strangely enough, even if this Ultra Attack hits two or more enemies on-screen, it only counts to one in the Combo Meter.


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