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31 Unfinished Games is a video on youtube by gildedguy and a series of games that Gildedguy wanted to make but never finished. 

Unfinished work

A broken "Unfinished Work" as seen in the video

Youtube video

The youtube video can be found on youtube on Micheal Moy's channel. The description states that Micheal Moy started his gaming career back in 2006 and did not release a full game until 2012 (Slush Invaders). Apparently each game took about a week to several months to partially finish. In the end, Micheal never released or finished any of them. The song in the video is "Nothing but the cold" by OcularNebula.

Basic in general description

Most of the games are stick figure games and mouse adventures. Each game had about 5-30 seconds of scenes. A few of the games were copies of other games such as Super Smash Stick. Each game
  • First Animation
  • Sidescroll Adventure
  • Tower Turret
  • Sketch
  • Tower Turret 2
  • Blob Defense
  • Stick People
  • Don't Kill Ze Pigga
  • Sam Vs. Sim
  • Dot Game
  • Sticksters
  • Air Assult
  • Ninja
  • Untitled-1
  • Super Smash Stick
  • Promotion
  • Queen's Gambit
  • Untitled Two
  • Joust
  • FreeBird
  • Advent
  • Gerkin Crazy Dude
also had about 2-3 words of description.

Game Details

Most of these games were either from 25% - 75% completed. These games included the type where you click, moving around with your cursor, or with your keyboards. 


The Song (Nothing but the cold):

The Video (31 unfinished games):

The actual website for the unfinished games:

The FULL version of the song all of you guys heard at the last part of the video:


  • only three games had sequels to it (Tower Turret-Tower Turret 2), (Untitled-1 and Untitled-2) and (Sketch-Sketchy).
  • Most games were combat adventure games
  • Michael's first game was only two colors: blue and white
  • 20 of the unfinished game were in the website
  • You can go find completed games in the website
  • There is another game that features GildedGuy
  • If you click on the Archive section of the website, it shows you the list of projects that he has published that are either complete or incomplete.
    • QuickStick3
    • Snow Terror
    • ClickDeath Chaos

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